STRiKE! Program for Schools

When we are faced with the alarming statistics surrounding bullying, the more crippling ones are those involving individuals that have done nothing to stop the cycle.  This is why STRiKE! was created.  It was designed to be the voice that is needed on our school’s campus sites, allowing students to become actively engaged in a dramatic exchange as well as engage in-depth discussions about the harmful effects of bullying.  STRiKE! also serves as a wake-up call for parents to pay attention to the signs that are taking place in their child’s life.  Does the child seem resistant to attending school?  Is he/she making up excuses why attending school is not the best thing for him/her?  Does the child seem withdrawn?  Are there signs of depression?  Are the student’s grades suffering?  While these are only some of the noticeable demonstrations of a child who is the subject of bullying, there are other deeply rooted issues that may require professional assistance. Let’s walk through this discussion…TOGETHER.  Help schools stop the cycle of bullying TODAY!