Thought of the Day


How is the bully a victim?  Good question! I mean, he  is an intentional menace to society, and ultimately, a menace to himself. He preys on the weak when he himself wears weakness as a cloak. He hates others when deep in the recesses of his soul, self hatred abounds. He seeks attention when all he has to do is show up. He literally shifts the atmosphere.

Anything that is negative in the world causes a shift. Earthquakes shift a structure’s foundation and cause commotion in unbelievable numbers. Tsunamis sweep innocent lives away, landing them in foreign places of uncertainty and death. Gossip shifts the focus from the real issue to things that are superficially charged. Bullying shifts the focus from the bully’s problems to its target.

Yes, bullies are victims. And what do we do with victims? We find them the help that they need so that they can live a full and prosperous life. It’s that simple. Find a bully, love him to his true self, expose the good that you see and force him to embrace it.

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